In The Abundant Freelancer Course, you can expect to create a business that feels like a dream: fun, playful, and abundant, with a perfect balance between structure and feminine flow.

We create an aligned foundation, a map to follow so you always know what to do, every step of the way. With this foundation, you are free to evolve and expand as your journey continues to unfold.

You’ve heard The Call to Adventure. The call to journey away from your Ordinary World of the 9-to-5 life. Having a job just doesn’t suit you and you KNOW you are meant for so much more than this.

You’re creating an online business with the dream of working from home, of creating a life of freedom. Freedom to choose your own hours, what projects you work on, who you work with, and making a massive impact doing what your soul is calling you to do.

You’ve been piecing together your business from freebies, Google, podcasts and YouTube videos, trying to figure out this whole entrepreneur thing. You’ve been doing a good job with the tools you’ve picked up, but sense that there’s some “missing piece” you can’t quite seem to find, no matter how many hours and tears you’ve put into the search.

You’ve read the books, and listened to the podcast episodes, but…

There is a reality where you know exactly what steps to take and the actions to put into play to move your business forward. A reality where you have total clarity on your offers, how to price them and get them in front of an audience that adores you.

In this reality, you are consistently producing valuable content, finishing all the projects you start, and seeing amazing results from your efforts. This reality exists, now. You just have to tap into it.

To do this, you are going to have to let go of the things that aren’t working, and fully commit to doing whatever it takes to make your dream of working from home, your reality.

You can’t keep this up – the makeshift business systems you’ve created using freebies, books, podcasts, YouTube videos, and Google. This method has gotten you THIS far, but it will not carry you into the next part of your journey.

Sure, you COULD keep doing this, but the cost is too great. The mental and emotional anguish that comes from lack of clarity, from always chasing the next strategy or trend you think might catapult you into success, only to keep feeling like you’re trudging through mud, trying to make this business work – this can’t go on.

You don’t deserve the pain.

By piecing your business together this way, you are making the process drag out. The longer you wait to find yourself a mentor, the longer you will have to stay in your current circumstances.

Pacing my office, turning over my letter of resignation in my hands, I held my breath. I knew in my soul this was the right decision, and I had a pretty solid plan for moving forward, but it was still the scariest decision I had ever made in my life: quitting my corporate video editing job to become a freelancer.

I took the leap, trusting the net would appear. It didn’t. It was only a few months before the harsh reality set in: I had no idea how to build an online business, and I had given up my cushy corporate income too soon.

I spent the next three years buried in freebies, YouTube videos, and deep diving into the seas of Google to try to make my business profitable enough to even reach my corporate income.

Between intermittent freelance gigs, part-time jobs at cannabis dispensaries, and balloon twisting at children’s’ birthday parties, I created content and tried to make a sustainable income so I could finally move out of my mom’s place and be a “real” adult.

In 2016, I was fired from my last ever job, and in that moment, I had another choice to make: Get another job, or finally commit to my dream of working from home.

I couldn’t STAND the idea of looking at another job application for as long as I lived, so I made the decision that would change my life forever. With my last $50 to spare, I invested into Seth Godin’s Freelancer Course on Udemy, and began my journey to becoming The Abundant Freelancer.

In May of 2018, fully booked, I realized that I had created my business to be a work-from-home job. I was stuck in the same prison of working 40+ hours a week, only now I didn’t get paid vacations OR sick leave.

I knew something had to change.

I created my first digital product. My launch made about $200 profit after ad spend, and I was devastated. There was no way I could scale back my hours at this rate. I hired a coach, and went down the rabbit hole of coaching program after coaching program, course after course, only to find limited success. “What is WRONG with me?” I asked myself constantly.

Then, in December of 2019, I concluded The Hero’s Journey I had started in 2013 when I left the corporate world. Suddenly, everything just clicked. I realized that I needed to stop looking for answers outside of myself, to stop seeking the next “best” strategy, and look within MY journey for the answers. I realized the key to my success, lie in the journey I had just completed, and everything I learned along the way.

I had learned the elements of a successful business out of order, which is why things took so long for me. With this course, I have organized those elements to create a smooth journey to creating your dream business, so you can arrive at the destination faster and easier than I did, and have more fun while doing it.

Thus, The Abundant Freelancer Course was born.

The Abundant Freelancer Course is an interactive adventure starring you, The Hero, as you undertake a quest in pursuit of a great treasure: Your dream business, and the abundance that follows its creation.

On my journey, I have discovered all the ingredients you need for an abundant business, and crafted them into a recipe for creating the business of your dreams. This course is everything I wish I knew when I first started out, in the order I wish I knew it.

The course is designed like a game, to make the process of creating your business fun, easy, and less scary! Combining the power of narrative storytelling with The Hero’s Journey with elements of game design such as points, achievements, badges, and rewards that are redeemable for real-life prizes, The Abundant Freelancer Course fills the journey of creating your business with magic, wonder, and a sense of play.

I know what that’s like – I rarely “had the money” to invest in myself or my business when I was first starting out. Even in the last year of my business, investing was hard because I also had a wedding to pay for, a honeymoon, and a big move happening, all within the span of 4 months. For the first several programs I invested in, I could only afford about $100 a month, and it was a stretch. For this program, I have payment options as low as $77/mo so you can get the help you need without breaking your budget.

There’s actually a part of The Hero’s Journey called “The Refusal of the Call” where The Hero finds all the reasons they CAN’T leave their Ordinary World and go on the quest. For us, this usually takes the form of excuses about money or time. If you feel like you don’t have the money or the time, you might want to ask yourself if you REALLY don’t have the money or time, or if you’re just refusing the call.

In my experience, your entrepreneurial journey will take as long or as short as you need it to. You could absolutely blow through this course in a week, if you encounter no internal resistance or external obstacles. It could take a few weeks, a month, or more – it all depends on you. I invite you to go through it in your own time, following the flow of your energy until you complete the program.

It might not be. The course is for online entrepreneurs who seek to create a business that feels fun, playful, and creative. If you want to create a business that is serious, masculine, and has a corporate or Fortune 500 Company vibe, this probably isn’t the right course for you. I work with women who desire to create a business that is in alignment with their femininity, that allows them to flow and feel free to express their creativity.

You will get the most out of this program if you want to infuse your business with all the things you love – coaching or done-for-you services (such as writing, graphic design, Reiki, Human Design readings, etc.), magical courses, digital products, and maybe even some handmade products to complement your brand if that’s what you’d like.

It’s going to take you years longer to get your business to the point you want it to be at. Yes, years.

I quit my job to become a freelancer in 2013. I did the same things as you are doing now – all the freebies, Google, YouTube – and it wasn’t until 2017 that I had matched my corporate salary with profits from my business. In 2018, I finally exceeded that salary.

Isn’t $555 a small price to pay to condense that timeline, to cut it in half, or speed it up even more?

Do you really have this time to waste?

I know you are so ready to make this business your full-time thing, and you’re totally committed to doing it.

The journey is going to ask things of you that you haven’t thought about before.

You’re going to be tested, like all Heroes are, and you may find that some things take you longer to go through than others. You will be provided with the tools to overcome every obstacle, at every turn, for the duration of your journey. This is a go-at-your-own-pace course that promises to transform your business from a side hustle to the business of your dreams – a business that supports you, your loved ones, and the life you desire to create together.

Your days will be filled with all the things that you love to do. Your business will no longer feel like work – it will feel like play, magic, and wonder. You will have time freedom, and the space to create a schedule that feels good to you, that allows you to live the life you desire.

You will reach levels of abundance you once only dreamed possible, and shed feelings of contraction and confusion, replacing them with expansion and clarity. You will radiate a happiness and confidence you always knew was possible for you, and share that light with those around you. It will intoxicate them, and magnetize the right people into your life with divine timing.

You will feel like yourself again, like you have the space to breathe, and can finally relax into your power and express it in the world. You know in your heart that this life is meant for you, now. All you have to do is answer your Call to Adventure.

The Abundant Freelancer Course will be booking passage in Q1 of 2020. Get on The Waitlist:

Come hang out with me during my work day!

I will be live streaming the process of preparing The Abundant Freelancer Course for re-release. You can hang out with me in real-time as I create graphics in Photoshop and edit videos in Adobe Premiere. I’ll be sharing tips and tricks for creating your course content in these professional-grade programs – who knows, you might learn a thing or two for free!

When Joy joined The Abundant Freelancer Course, she worked at a 9 to 5 job that exhausted her, often working beyond your typical 40 hour week. She wanted to launch her coaching business and create some online courses to leverage her time. The amount of hours that Joy had to work on her business each week was extremely limited. Now, Joy has not only filled her first online course, she is already working on the second. She even expects to retire from her job and go full time in her coaching business within the next year! If she can do it, so can you.

Brittany is a stay-at-home mom with a toddler and a newborn. When she joined my program, Brittany wanted to create an online course to help mom’s implement a self-care practice within the cracks of their day. Before her second child was born, she was able to completely outline her first course, as well as launched her first membership! Brittany is now a 1:1 coaching client.

David is a burnt-out audio/visual professional working a 9 to 5 and wants to take the leap into freelancing. Since taking my program, David has created his business model, which includes consulting, a production package, and tools for independent songwriters and music producers such as instrument loop packs and instrumental stock music.